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Local coop platformer with controller support.

This game was made with a group of fellow students during the course of a weekend, as well as a couple of days of polishing to create a main menu and squash a few bugs.


Thunder League

Programmer & Technical Artist

Thunder League is a top-down party brawler with local and online multiplayer. It is the spiritual successor of Berzerkerz.

During development, Thunder League won the Skövde Academic Game Awards (SAGA) with the following motivation:

“This game is a well-made re-imagination of classics such as “Achtung die Kurve”. The game is fast, intense and yet simple. The design is wonderfully elegant. An addictive game for sure!”


Task Force Aegis

Lead Programmer

Task Force Aegis is a squad based game where you control a squad of six drones to escort your VIP to the safe-zone, or eliminate your opponent's VIP.

This school project which was part of my second year at the University of Skövde brought me my first experiences as a Programming Lead, as well as immense amounts of actual programming experience (C#/.NET). It also greatly strengthened my proficiency in the inner workings of Unity - teaching me both good and bad practices. More than anything, it was a personal milestone in which I was allowed to create and explore a workflow of my own.




Top-down brawler with local and online multiplayer.

Created with a group of fellow students over the course of a weekend.


Jump and Thump

Programmer, Sound & Music

Side-scrolling platformer.

Developed in Unity for the Android platform.



Programmer & Scrum master

Side-scrolling shooter. The world has turned gray, and only by defeating enemies can you reclaim all the colors.

Developed as part of the first year game project at the University of Skövde.


Blinding Darkness

Programmer & Project Lead

First person shooter horror.

Developed in the Source engine as my final project at TIME (high school).