2017 - 2018

Virtual Reality

Part of Karlstad Innovation Park's The Great Journey, developing games and other software.
VR consultant work for ABB AB / CGM.
Oculus Rift HTC Vive Unity Shaders Consultant
2016 - 2018

GoPlenum - Project lead

GoPlenum is a digital and climate friendly meeting service. Features include:
  • Digital voting on matters and representatives
  • Self serviced proposal registration
  • Managed speaker lists and speaker times
  • Generated meeting transcripts
  • Mobile friendly
  • Managing hundreds of simultaneous users with near instant results
During my time as the project and development lead of GoPlenum, I used my game development knowledge of networking to optimize the system for scalability and improving user experience by implementing the real-time networking library SignalR.
Full-stack Service Project management SignalR MVC Bootstrap


During this time I helped administer QiCode's Smart Service and accompanying products.
Full-stack Administration Bootstrap Knockout.js Sencha Google Maps Consultant


InPort provides intelligent port systems as the market leader in Nordic countries.
Full-stack Stanley Security AngularJS Bootstrap Sencha Google Maps MVC Consultant

Digital Signage

Administered the digital signage system DISE, targetting Samsung SSP, Tizen, LG WebOS, Android and web.
Full-stack React Node.js ECMAScript 6

Music Visualizer

A music visualizer integrating SoundCloud's REST API and extracting audio frequency data using HTML5 canvas.

See the Pen PSYCHOACOUSTICS_1 by Simon Bergqvist (@simon_bq) on CodePen.

12h SoundCloud API HTML5 JavaScript

Revolver Men

Fire when you jump - jump when you fire. Local multiplayer for 2-4 players. Available on itch.io.
48h Gamejam Unity
2015 - 2016

Hellion Studios

Co-founded Hellion Studios with the goal to make and release Thunder League - a fast-paced party game where you drink mead to gain speed.
The game was cancelled in early 2016 but can still be played in couch co-op mode.
Play Thunder League demo
Skövde Academic Game Award Steam Greenlight
6 mo Project Technical artist Online multiplayer Unity

Task Force Aegis

Task Force Aegis is a squad based game where you control a squad of six drones to escort your VIP to the safe-zone, or eliminate your opponent's VIP. The game is played online by two opponents. Learn more about Task Force Aegis.
Programming lead Project Unity


Top-down brawler with local and online multiplayer. Available on itch.io.
48h Gamejam Unity

Jump and Thump

Jump over obstacles on a procedurally generated map. Available on Play Store.
Mobile Android 48h Gamejam Unity
2013 - 2016

Game Development - Programming

Studied Game Development - Programming at the University of Skövde.
Education Game Development C++
2010 - 2013


Upper secondary school (swedish gymnasie) education with a focus on programming, media and project management.
Education Website design Project management


The beginning

Started my development journey by making my first website ever to showcase my photography.


Always available at me@simonbergqvist.com.